About Michael Schurpf

Michael ‘Swisstard’ Schurpf was born and raised in St. Gallen, Switzerland, at his young age he already promises to be one of the top European players in both the online and live poker scenes.

Where it all began for swisstard

avatarswisstard HomeThe pull of being his own boss and determining his own schedule was too alluring for Michael Schurpf and so in the summer of 2009 he turned pro and went to Las Vegas with his friend Hiren ‘Hustla16’ Patel where he got to meet some very influential poker contacts who provided him with excellent support.

Only 2 years earlier Michael Schurpf had never even considered poker as a way of making a living, but when the current book he was reading went missing from the fraternity Michael Schurpf was staying in he picked up the next nearest book, which happened to be on poker. With $1 Million in tournament winnings and a proud member of Team Bustout Poker the rest is history. Michael Schurpf says: “I’m just glad that book wasn’t on chess, I suck at that!”


Michael Schurpf’s favorite game – NLHE MTTs

michael schurpf tournament HomeSpecializing in tournament poker Swisstard’s favorite game is NLHE. The young pro’s largest live cash has been an enormous 100,000 EUR when he came 2nd at the Full Tilt Poker Series Barcelona, with his largest online cash being $70,000. But Michael Schurpf tells PFPR that probably his most influential cash was when he won a $2 180man SnG: “without that, I am probably not where I am right now. I was playing on my last $20. Was not planning on depositing anymore if I lost that. When I won $10k in 2009 on cake in the 50k guaranteed it really made me wanna go pro”

Life off the felt

Off the poker felt Michael Schurpf is a keen programmer using PHP/HTML and Python and can boast a Masters in Engineering from ETH Zurich. If poker and academia weren’t already enough Michael Schurpf is also a budding business brain owning PokerFacePr.com and Roclani.com.

Trophy Gold48 HomeMichael Schurpf’s notable results


  • 2nd Full Tilt Poker Series Barcelona for €100,000
  • IPT 1,000 Campione (Chop) – 50,000 CHF
  • 7th Unibet Open for €17,000


  • 2nd in the Sunday Brawl for $75,000
  • 1st in a PokerStars $100 rebuy for $58,000
  • 1st on 888 major for $20,000 on the same night as the $100 rebuy 1st place finish!
  • 1st in the iPoker $200k for $48,000

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