2nd in IPoker 100r 60k GTD and redesign

Poker Chips 59 1 150x150 2nd in IPoker 100r 60k GTD and redesignThe swisstard does it again. Not quite sure how, but I managed to get 2nd in the IPoker 100r this Friday. Oh IPoker, you know I love you icon smile 2nd in IPoker 100r 60k GTD and redesign .
There werent too many interesting hands. Probably the most notable one was a flip with AK>QQ with 18 players left. I played the hand a bit tricky. I actually backraise shoved trying to induce a light 3bet vs the only player who I thought was capbable of it at my table. But once hands were face up the all in was inevitable regardless of how would have played the hand. This brought me to like 50bb and a table of players that I thought wouldnt 3bet light – and they actually didnt. That was pretty much it. The rest was just playing it out.
I did get pretty lucky 3 handed, when I won a “semi flip” KQ>AJ to get me into HU. HU was weired. My opponent was super super agro. He was openshoving for over 30bb. Straight reshipping over my opens. And somehow he always folded when I had a a top 30% hand. WTF. Needless to say I got very short super quick and eventually busted AT


I will be redesigning my site during the next few days. Hopefully I dont have any down time, after all I am switching from Joomla to WordPress.

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