$82 hyper turbo ship and big things in the pipeline

Gambling   Poker Plastic Cards  14 1 150x150 $82 hyper turbo ship and big things in the pipeline Busy busy busy, that probably describes my last few weeks the best! And I don’t mean overeating myself over Christmas, I guess you could call that sort of busy times too icon smile $82 hyper turbo ship and big things in the pipeline I have been working a lot on my new website schurpf.com. One of my new accomplishments is that I added some more graphical elements to programs I release. All bigger programs of mine now come with a taskbar icon and an own installer. This should make the user experience a lot richer and hopefully assure that more people can use my programs.
I have also been working on a redesign of swisstard.com. You can take a sneak peak of what it will look like at: michael.swisstard.com. My site is still under construction but should be ready in a few days.

Big news

Let me tease some big personal news. I will be joining a very promising start up company. We are currently working on finalizing our partner ship agreement and working on a contract. Once contracts are set I will be more than happy to introduce you to my new endevor!


You might have noticed that I started to spend a considerable amount of time off the tables. At the moment I play 1-2 days online and probably one more day of live poker. The rest of my time I spend doing software design and website design. I love my new life. It gives me a really good balance of “free time activity” and work. Lol, I bet you cant tell which one is free time and which one is work icon razz $82 hyper turbo ship and big things in the pipeline

Online poker

Wee, I just binked the $82 hyper this Sunday. What a shove fest. But it seems I am good at this, after all I already won the GSOP hyper turbo event. The interesting thing is that I don’t really play that many hypers, but I guess I should be starting to.
On other news, I also managed to get 2nd in a Friday 100r on ipoker mid December this combined with an EPT Deauville package win gives me a decent last 2 months.

Live poker

I have started to play some more live poker, mainly to “practice” for bigger buy in tournaments. Obviously any live game I play in does not compare to the overal level of players I usually face, but I think it does really help sharpening my reads on weaker players. It is also a great time to think about “standard” play and start thinking outside the box.
Let me give you a very interesting hand from my local 5/10 game:

Thight guy: 1k
Crazy guy: 260
Me: 1k

Thight guy opens MP to 40
Crazy guy calls HJ
I call Co with Js9s

Board: 9c7c3s

Thight guy cb 80
Crazy guy raises to 260 and is All In
Me: call
Thight guy: call

I have to call the crazy guy, his range is just so wide here. Once the thight guy calls though, I know I am behind thight guys range big time, but thight guy doesn’t have 2 pair+, he would have shoved. But I can still have a set here.

Turn: 8s

Thight guy: check
Me: check

Ok, thight guys range is pretty much always JJ,QQ (or close by). I assume there is a chance he shoves AA on the flop or even KK, probably not QQ. I am not sure I can get thight guy to fold if I shove. I learned it the hard way, don’t try bluff people off overpairs. I did pick up a lot of equity and think I can manoveur my way out of this spot much better on the river.

River: Ah

Thight guy: check

This is a prefect card! The flash draw missed, there is a very good chance we are ahead of crazy guy. Versus all the gutters, flushdraws and even pure overcards, we are ahead of carzy guys range. But we lose vs thight guy. The beautiful thing thoughs is, that from his view we can have A9 or even AcXc, so a bet from our perspective makes perfect sense with those hands.

Me: bet 550
Thight guy: tank fold

Crazy guys shows: AKo and wins.

It doesn’t matter that crazy guy actually won the hand, what is important here is that we realized a spot that we can only win by folding out the best hand (well it wasn’t in this case, but it usually is). The beauty about this hand is, that the river bet almost never gets called. If thight guy had AA, there is a good chance he leads river. Also thight guy probably never flats a flush draw there, so it is very unlikely he has AcXc.

I guess the moral of the story is: Narrow down peoples ranges and bet your way to victory!

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