An Erotic And Touching Experience – EPT Barcelona

barceloneta playa barcelona yes 300x225 An Erotic And Touching Experience   EPT BarcelonaDamn good to finally be blogging again icon smile An Erotic And Touching Experience   EPT Barcelona I have been really wanting to either blog or vlog but just didnt find time and or motivation (yeah you guessed it – obv motivation … icon razz An Erotic And Touching Experience   EPT Barcelona ). I was in Mexico since Vegas and have really enjoyed spending a lot of time with family. I have enjoyed their company and have a really good time. Plus I got to eat all that tasty Mexican food. I got to eat so much of it that I decide to see a nutritionist – I was gaining a little more weight that I was comfortable with… I am not like fat or anything like that, but I sure am moving there if I keep up my eating habits and my “sitting-based” life style.
My nutritionist so far has given me several basic advices, tips and trick on what to eat and when to eat. I am trying to follow that as good as possible. On top of that I started going to the gym again. I really enjoy the feeling coming out of the gym, sweating, tired but with the feeling of accomplishment, motivation and success. Ahhhh, thinking about this feeling makes me want to work out icon smile An Erotic And Touching Experience   EPT Barcelona

EPT Barcelona

EPT logo1 e1328048601262 An Erotic And Touching Experience   EPT BarcelonaI am currently at EPT Barcelona. I wasnt planning on playing this EPT since flying back and forth is not really economical. But I played a 20r EPT sat and happened to luckbox my way into one. Yeah, if it wasnt for those 20r, I probably didnt play major tournaments anymore icon razz An Erotic And Touching Experience   EPT Barcelona
Either way, I busted out of the EPT main event even before dinner break. Really not much I could have done different. The older gentleman to my right was totally owning me, limp calling 67o and overcalling 62s vs my UTG raises. I just couldnt win a hand. The one time I did make a pair I ended up losing a big pot versus the only opponent I was willing to bluffcatch and had some history. That was very early and I wish I had folded since he didnt bluff at all the entire day…
The only hand that went successful was the following:
I open MP with QQ and 18k at 100/200 with antes. Young Danish guy to my immediate left 3bets. Young Spanish guy to his immediate left 4bets. My image at this point is fairly aggro, I have showed several bluffs and a few light 3bets. But I basically lost every pot I played…
Image of young Danish guy: Really solid, def knows about ranges and I bluffcatched him successfully after he squeezed in most obvious spot.
Young Spanish guy: Squeezed almost every time possible. 3bet multiple times on button – you know, doing all this obvious stuff.
The interesting part were stack sizes: Both my opponent had 40k this means they were both playing 200bb against each other. In a live tournament this means often only stacking off with AA preflop.
So I am sitting there, trying to decide what to do with my QQ and 90bb. I 5 bet to like 5k leaving myself the option to fold. I was certain that the Danish guy was folding AK potentially QQ because of the player behind and his stack size, while the Spanish guy definitely had several bluffs in his range. Plus I figured that the Spanish guy occasionally piles AK in there (rightfully so, I am def bluffing in that spot given stack size and their ranges). Obviously they have AA, KK a whole lot, but my plan was to fold vs Danish guy and stack off vs Spanish guy. Danish guy did tank for a bit – I am fairly certain he folded AK which would confirm my read. Spanish guy almost snap mucked.
I was going to puke if Spanish guy shoved, but assuming he only jams like 50% of his AK I have to call especially assuming Danish guy will very often fold some sort of blockers.
Excercise to my poker readers: What equity has QQ vs AKo given one opponent folds an A?
Rest of the tournament is super standard. I virtually dont win any pot, get down to 17bb, when BU open calls A3s vs my KJo. GG.

Barcelona – a touching experince

Right after busting I decided to treat myself with my favorite tapas: Garlic shrimp, patatas bravas (Spanish potato wedges), calamaris. Yumyum, I love that food. I always go to the same place to get this. Its a small restaurant hidden very close to the beach. It seems to me that only locals go there – exactly what I want. I am not a big fan of tourist places, I always feel like they try to cater to tourists way to much, I want to experience Barcelona like it is – not like they would like it to be.
Either way, I am sitting there enjoying my meal when I notice an open window in a block across the street. Right as I look, this beautiful Spanish girl with long dark hair walks in front of it, graciously pulls her fingers trough her wet hair and takes off her towel in that same motion. She continued to wrap her towel around her hair at witch point I realize that I was holding a calamari in front of my mouth for at last 20 seconds. I was frozen, touched by this intimate moment. Immediately multiple thoughts started wandering through my brain: Did she mean to have the window open? Why am I still looking at her? What should I do, keep watching or look away and pretend this never happened? Before I could finish any of my thoughts she graciously moves her hands over the towel on her head, pushing her chest forward and revealing her breasts in its full beauty. My jaw was dropping and I was feeling the juice of the calamari all over my hand – I must have been squeezing it pretty hard. I look away. My eyes wandered across the restaurant, to people walking by, always coming back to the same exact spot: The window of this Spanish beauty.
I felt captured by her, her innocence and vulnerability exposed to me. I was seduced by this moment and my own imagination. I didnt see many details – she was across the street after all. This made the experience even more intense. My imagination and my own emotional state were combining desires and wishes in this moment and idealized this girl as the perfect beauty. The entire charm and erotic of Barcelona were revealing itself in that one moment.
I finish dinner at some point. My thoughts still in that intimate moment. While this moment only lasted for a few seconds it seemed like an eternity to me. I wander around the streets of Barcelona still wrapped in this very erotic experience when I start to hear Flamenco music coming out of the small bar next door. I step in and find myself in the middle of a Flamenco show. I enjoyed this show for the rest of the night, enjoying the charm, erotic and experiences this wonderful city are giving me. I soon remember that I was actually playing an EPT main event just a few hours ago. I start laughing – I was genuinely happy icon smile An Erotic And Touching Experience   EPT Barcelona

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