CAPT, Sunday review and wins all over

casino austria poker tour capt 300x300 CAPT, Sunday review and wins all overCAPT – Casino Austria Poker Tour

This week will be very interesting, the Casino Austria Poker Tour (CAPT) is in my back yard. Seriously its like 10 min away from the place I currently live at icon smile CAPT, Sunday review and wins all over This means I will probably play a bunch of live poker “in the afternoon” this week. The structures are very fast and most tournaments are one day tournament with 150 player fields. I would hereby suggest they call CATPT – Casino Austria Turbo Poker Tour. Do you like turbo tournaments? Check out my turbo tournament strategy series!

The other thing thats special about my local casino is that they insist you wear a blazer and a dress shirt – you need a collar. Plus you have to wear your blazer while walking around. Curious how strict they will be with this, cant imagine poker players sticking to this rule, can you?

Here is a link to the CAPT tournament schedule.

Sunday Grind

I started rather early again yesterday with a lot of deep runs right of the bat. I did final table the 190 on Micro and the 33r on Party. Unfortunately I was kind of card dead in both and finished in 6th and 4th respectively. Lost a big flip in both. This sums up the whole story. My new Sunday schedule includes so many tournaments that I actually ended up losing on the day, despite my 4th and 6th. This is kind of ironic because I actually have to almost win a tournament to make some profit.

Assad91 and Filip Verboven

I want to give a shout out to my buddy Filip Verboven for winning the Unibet Open Prague! Way to go my friend! Congrats. Also a shout out to my buddy and student Assad91 that managed to win the 25 hyper and get second in the 109c yesterday! Weeeee! A good Sunday after all!



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