CAPT in Bregenz 2012 Euro 600 Bounty – Vlog

And another turbo tournament in the books. I love this CAPT in Bregenz, being able to go back home after busting is awesome!

Got a fairly deep run together but unfortunately never got to any chips. I am pretty happy I dont get to tell any crazy hands. The only time I was even thinking about 3betting light, guess what hand I was looking down? J9s lol! Made me laugh quite a bit, and kinda was a sign to just let it go.

There was one hand that was kinda cool. German player calls my MP open on BU. He has been playing rather solid, but some massive betsizing tells. Board comes out to AA9r. I check and he bets like 80% of pot. So I call icon smile CAPT in Bregenz 2012 Euro 600 Bounty – Vlog Turn is some blank and goes check check. River is a 9 and I lead out for like 30% of pot. He tanks and ends up calling with QJ. Way to get value from K high!

Other than that I never really got anything going and with fast moving blinds its hard to build a stack if you dont get hands. I was playing a 10BB stack for several hours. No fun at all in a live tourney. The things I had to watch going down while waiting. You wont belive me, even if I told you! Seriously.

I probably play online tomorrow or do something else and return to the live arena on Saturday for the 2k ME. Looking forward to slower levels and more chips to work with! Good times ahead!

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