CAPT in Bregenz 2012 Euro 800 – Vlog

Vlog in German

Sorry guys, I decided to do my first ever vlog in German. Main reason is because the CAPT in Bregnez is in Austria, very close to Switzerland and probably wont get any English coverage. You can find German live coverage at

I know I can somehow make subtitles. That was the original plan, but I didnt figure out how yet. So sorry about that.

My first vlog

Exciting stuff going on. I produced my first ever video blog (vlog) of my adventures at the CAPT in Bregenz 2012! There is a lot of more potential on doing these vids. I noticed for example that I rendered the video in lower quality than my flip cam actually records plus the file size is way too big, it took several hours to upload to youtube and edit the whole thing. I need to optimize this. It is more important to me to actually get vids out that are current than making them high quality. After all, I am good at poker, not at video editing icon smile CAPT in Bregenz 2012 Euro 800   Vlog But I will def improve on this! Promise.

Vlog – My J9o hand

The best part about this tournament is my J9o hand. Seriously, I have no clue how this happened. Anyway, let me give you a rundown of what happened.

Young aggro guy opens in MP. Older passive gentleman calls in HJ. I have J9o in CO. My image was rather tight and I have been looking for a spot to squeeze. So I 3bet.
Young guy tanks for a while and 4bets.
The young guy has been playing really well, value betting, 3betting 4betting and just doing everything right. I was pretty sure he knew this was a great spot to squeeze. Plus he has won a lot of pots with mere aggression.
My response: 5bet. As if I would fold…
Now the young guy tanks for quite a bit and decides to min 6bet. He basically put in 40% of my stack more or less. My “value” range to stack off there is rather tight considering the tournament field. I was pretty sure he knew that too. I just had the feeling that he might be capable to 6bet bluff there plus I just wasnt getting the AA vibe from him. This is going to sound rather silly, but I strongly believe I can “feel” peoples hand strength. A lot of people change their body language when they actually hold a monster. I just wasnt getting this from him. I really thought he was bluffing there more often than not. Its just so hard to actually have AA or KK. I also figured there is a chance he gives up if I actually call the 6bet. He was aggro, but not spewy (Do I have the right to talk about spew? Maybe I am not the best person to comment on that…). I mean after all, what the f is my 6 bet calling range? I guess I know now, J9o+ icon smile CAPT in Bregenz 2012 Euro 800   Vlog
Anyway, I call and board comes out J8xr. Young guy bets small, I shove and he calls with AK. My hand “holds”. I dont think I will ever forget this hand.

I hope I was able to give you an impression of this CAPT in Bregenz, though hopefully next tournament is a bit more “normal”.

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2 Responses to “CAPT in Bregenz 2012 Euro 800 – Vlog”

  1. a February 22, 2012 at 6:59 pm # Reply

    ja gut was erwartest du…dealer und floor niveau in den Casinos Austria ist eben leider ziemlich mies. Es ist vielleicht etwas besser geworden, aber für junge Spieler (vor allem vor ein paar Jahren) war es echt schlecht. Dealer und Floor hatten keinen Tau und man musste sich dann als jemand der die Regeln kennt, von den Typen, die glaubten, dass sie wer sind weil sie einen schönen Anzug anhatten (Personal) für dumm verkaufen lassen und hierrissige Entscheidungen in Kauf nehmen. Casinos Austria lebt meiner Meinung nach rein von den guten Locations, die sie haben, und die täuschen dann auch über die schlechte Personalqualität hinweg.

    • swisstard February 22, 2012 at 7:19 pm # Reply

      Das groesste Problem denke ich ist, dass es mit der CAPT ploetzlich unglaublich viel mehr Personal braucht die was von Poker verstehen sollten. Wenn du selber kein Poker spielst, muss das unglaublich hart sein zu Dealen, denn es gibt so viele Regelen, das muss man zuerst mal lernen.
      Der Poker Dealer von meiner Story ist an und fuer sich ein netter Typ, bevor die ganze Story passierte hatte ich es ziemilch gut mit ihm. Leider weiss er einfach nicht wie man sich als Poker Dealer gegenueber den Spielern verhaelt. Ein Dealer sollte nie einen Spieler waehrend seiner Entscheidung beinflussen. Das ist hier leider passiert.
      Ich spiele oft Cash Games in Bregenz, bis jetzt ist war ich sehr zufrieden mit den Dealern und Floor. Ich denke mal das war eine Ausnahme.

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