CAPT 2000 Euro Main Event in Bregenz 2012 – Vlog

Oh boy oh boy, me and live poker is such a hate love. I am pretty unhappy with the way I played today. I had 3-4 spots that I missplayed and cost myself a lot of chips. Well its not like a hardcore missplay, I was just playing thighter than I should have. I have a hard time to play against ranges of recreation players. You never know what they think is the nuts and worth building a big pot… Also, I missed to turn my hands into bluffs in 2 occasions, which was me basically not having my usual confidence.

Let me recap this ME: I got up to as high as 31k (from 15k starting) by playing some smaller pots and busting a shortstack with TT > AJ. After that I lost a bunch of small pots, lost a hughe pot with two pair where I bet folded river and finally got in rest with KK < AK. Pairs were really unkind to me during this CAPT…

I am very happy that the CAPT is over. While there is a lot of value playing with a lot of recreational players, I still dont enjoy myself as much as when I play online. Being able to play from  my own home, playing multiple tables at once and not have to travel anywhere is just so much nicer.

I hope you enjoyed my video blogs. It was fun to making them. Please let me know if you like them or if you have any other comments or suggestions.

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