Day 1B EPT Campione – Kevin “civell” Vandersmissen interview – vlog

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Made it through Day 1 B of EPT Campione with 58k (from 30k starting). Pretty standard folds except for one pretty big nitfold early on where I had AK and didnt want to create too big of a pot with 0 reads oop. Other than that I got a massive present, guess you will have to check out the video… icon smile Day 1B EPT Campione   Kevin civell Vandersmissen interview   vlog

I also got a chance to interview my good friend Kevin “civell” Vandersmissen. Great guy and even better player. I did kinda just put the camera in his face, guess I am preparing him for the rockstar live should he ft some more big tournaments.

Off to day 2!

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