Turbo Tournament Strategy – Early Game – General Strategy

Poker Chip 18 small Turbo Tournament Strategy   Early Game   General StrategyLet me give you my early game turbo tournament strategy advice on how to play the early game in turbo tournaments. In general I suggest a very tight aggressive (TAG) style.

Early Game – Tight is right

It is very important to play really tight. I really consider a tight strategy the best solution. There are two main reasons. Your opponents in general play too many hands and hate folding. Its better to have a good hand that you can valuebet with. The second reason is that it is much more effective (and +EV) to win chips later on when there are antes and stacks are very shallow. A push from late position can win you a lot of chips without much risk.

Early Game – Setmining

Let me introduce the concept of setmining. Setmining means you enter a pot with the intention of either flopping a set (three of a kind) or give the hand up after a cbet. This strategy is very simple to play and is very profitable against unobservant opponents. Its a great strategy to play if you are playing a lot of tables against many unknowns.

In order to set mine, the rule of thumb is that you need to win at least 10 times whatever you put into the pot preflop on average.


SB/BB: 50/100. Player utg opens to 200 with 2k, UTG+1 calls with a 5k stack, you are in the BB with 33 and 1300.

This is a perfect spot to setmine, you need to call 100 and can win over 10 times that amount.

Note: You might also consider shoving, depending on their ranges and how callhappy they are. But I hope you get the point.

Early Game – Steals

I would still open up my ranges a bit, the later my position is, but I would never open any two cards on the BU. People just don’t fold, so no point in putting yourself into a though decision with marginal holdings.

Early Game – Playing Postflop

Playing postflop is easily the most difficult part about playing poker. It takes years to master it. I will not be covering post flop play. Let me just say this much. If you are unsure about your betsize, half pot is always a good betsize in tournaments. The second thing I want to say, think about your opponent, is he more likely to bluff or is he more likely to call? Play your hands accordingly: Trap or value bet.


  • Play tight
  • Setmine
  • Don’t steal too much just yet

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