EPT 1.5k Side Event – Day 1

EPT logo1 e1328048601262 EPT 1.5k Side Event   Day 1Cant believe I am still in that 1.5k. Usually I punt stacks after busting a big tournament and trying to play side events. Not this time. I played rather nitty and got to like 17k from 12k starting. Than I barreled off most of my stack on 832hh A T vs AQhh. Strange hand, I was sure he was holding JJ or close. I guess he didnt.

After that nothing happend until I got in JJ > AQ of Elky. Lol, was funny to race vs him. Somehow I felt I was going to lose – I really couldnt care less at that point. Shortly after I get in AK > QQ vs Kevin McPhee. Lots of prominence at the tables these days! This flip brings me to like 40bb. Doing rather healthy, some shorty decided to donate his stack to my AJhh. Snap. 50bb.

I didnt play many big hands after that, mostly just chipping up and playing smallish pots except for a very strange hand were I flatted an older french gentleman with 99. Board comes 973r. He bets, I call. Turn Q. He checks and I bet like 40% pot. He tanks for a while and than calls. River J. He gets all excited and nervous. He donks out like 35% pot with like double of that behind. I tank for ever. I was obviously never thinking about folding, but I so thought there is a massive chance he has a set or absolutely nothing. He literally “played it like a set”! I called and he turned over 44.

Some smaller hands round up the night. I ended with 84k from 12k starting. Really happy, just have to make sure I dont punt it again like this morning. Blinds will be 1/2k tomorrow to start. Lets do this!


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