EPT 1.5k Side Event – Day 2

EPT logo1 e1328048601262 EPT 1.5k Side Event – Day 2This was fast and unsatisfaying (thats what she said?). I virtually typed it and gave myself a thats what she said. You got to take live with humor especially if you play poker. That and a huge ego to keep going. Tick, tick icon smile EPT 1.5k Side Event – Day 2

Poker wise was rather lame, I got in 15bb effective openshoving sb vs David Sonelin and lost. This got me to a little over 20 bb. Than I lose 2 opens in a row which brings me down to 15bb after blinds and antes. Blinds go up and I get in my last 9bb with ATs < 66. Wouldnt play it any different, so despite busting in 49th place (40 paid), I am rather happy icon smile EPT 1.5k Side Event – Day 2

Next tournament is the 2k side event. I need some lunch before that. I basically got up and played. This poker tournaments are unreal. They make you stay up late, not sleep enough and your eating habits are all messed up – this feels like work!

Back to work…


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