EPT Barca Wrap Up And Breakfast With Beky

EPT Barca Wrap Up

Barcelona Casion 200x200 EPT Barca Wrap Up And Breakfast With BekyI am already back in Mexico. I was smart enough to book my flight back to Mexico on Friday, knowing that the final table of EPT Barcelona wouldn’t be played out until Sunday… I guess I am more realist nowadays icon smile EPT Barca Wrap Up And Breakfast With Beky

I final tabled a 300 turbo in Barca going out 5th. This was basically enough to let me almost break even on the trip (counting the main event buy in as the satellite entry I paid…). So guess all in all a good trip.

I have noted that this time I was bluffing a lot more than usual. I have successfully bluffed a lot more online than I used to with really good results. In live poker not so much. I felt like less than 20% of my bluffs worked. People showed up with either the hands I was representing or with hands I thought they couldnt hold anymore – apparently they could. I guess I will stick to my old “No-Bluffing-In-Live-Poker” rule again.

I did have a really fun night out in Barcelona with my Belgian poker friends. Damn you guys rock. We ended up getting a table in a club near the beach ordering a giant bottle of Vodka. After lots of drinking and partying we ended up meeting a big group of Swedish girls. I think there were like at least 7 girls or so (I stopped counting after 3…). In any case, guess what, all of them were blond! Lol, I guess stereo types are true after all. We went to another club with those girls, though we lost the majority of my Belgian friends, not quite sure where they went. Entering a club with 7 girls was obviously causing a lot of attention and I ended up meeting some new male friends. Funny how guys want to be your friends if you have female friends…

Breakfast with Beky

At the end of our party night I was on my way home when this African women approached me. If you have been reading my blog for a while, you know what it means to be approached by an African woman in Barca at 6 o’clock in the morning. She was obviously a hooker. I kept walking. So did she. Interestingly, she wasnt trying to force herself onto me as much as I am used to in Barcelona. We started talking a bit. I was shocked by how open she was talking and somehow felt like she was no ordinary hooker. It was kind of strange, from all the conversations I had with girls that night, I felt like this was the most honest one. She also immediately dropped the subject of trying to sleep with me. So I felt like we were just two people talking in the early morning at the beach in Barcelona. I was getting very hungry at that point, which lead me to invite her for breakfast.

I learned a lot about her during breakfast. Let me tell you a bit about her: Her name was Beky and she was from Ghana. She was going to school as a kid, wanting to become a doctor. Her dad couldnt pay for school at some point when one of her friends told her about working opportunities in Spain. The way to Spain was very rough, she had no papers or money, but she found a way to smuggle herself into the country on a big transporter ship (while telling me the story she pointed to a ship in the sea and said:”like that one out there”, pointing to a big ship). Once in Spain there wasnt any real work, there was no other option than becoming a sex worker. She doesnt like doing that, but she has no other option. She doesnt speak a lot of Spanish and only speaks very basic English. She lives together with several other women that have the same work. Being a sex worker has some very irregular income. All in all she said she makes about Euro 700 a month. Her dream right now is to save enough money to get papers in Spain and open a hairdresser. Her eyes start to sparkle when she tells me about the hair saloon. For a second I almost forgot that Beky was trying to offer me a blow job for Euro 50 like 30 minutes ago. We finish up our eggs with bacon and start walking towards the metro stop. On the way there Beky picks up a Lacoste watch from the ground. She hands it to me and smile: “Here, for you”. I was somewhat overwhelmed by here generosity. How can this women possibly think about giving me that watch? My thoughts kept me very busy until we hit the metro stop. I hugged her goodbye and wished her all the best for the future! I couldnt help myself but give her Euro 100 that I found in my pocket. Honestly I was debating for a long time what amount I would give her. I really wanted to help her in some way, after all she can probably use the money better than I can. A lot of thoughts were going trough my head: Was she actually telling me the truth? Or is she just making up some story that sounds very pitiful? Was she really being that honest with a complete stranger or is this just part of her game. I even considered the option of checking the watch for a tracking device, after all can somebody with so little really just be that generous?

This encounter has really started an avalanche of questions and emotions: I was in Barcelona trying to win millions, was that actually making me happy? Why am I here? Where would I like to be? With whom? I felt I had somewhat lost track of reality. My life is unreal, I have everything I need, I dont need to worry about anything and yet somehow I was not completely happy. I have felt this inner emptiness for quite some time, I am not sure where it came from or why it is there, I just know its there. The breakfast with Beky made me realize that the answer to achieving my happiness lies in one question only: What do I actually want?

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