EPT Deauville – Day 0 – EPT Diary

EPT logo1 e1328048601262 EPT Deauville   Day 0   EPT DiaryI made it all the way to Deauville. Damn this 11h train ride was kind of long, I am happy I am staying here for a few days.

I made a stop in Paris last night, I probably slept in one of the worst hotels in Paris. It seems even more crappy writing and thinking back to it from the comfort of my hotel in Deauville. PokerStars knows how to make their players feel at home!
I have been in Paris several times, but the one thing that really struck me this time is that there were a ton of homeless people. It was freezing cold yet a lot of people were sleeping on the street. I couldnt help myself and buy one guy a sandwich – even though he is probably french icon razz EPT Deauville   Day 0   EPT Diary All jokes aside, was quite a sad view all those people on the street. What is going on in Paris?

I arrived in Deauville at 1600, just in time to play a sattelite for the ME. Those are so much value, the only problem with these things are that they are value because people cant fold. Playing nitty is lame, super lame. But oh well, if that is what brings the $$ home, so be it. I lost most of my chips with AK vs 98dd on QdTdTs Jh all in on turn. You can guess the river icon smile EPT Deauville   Day 0   EPT Diary

Still eager to play I joined the 500+500 bounty only to get short and produce a huge suck out: I won 98s > TT ,JJ. After that not much happened and I got out with AQ<AK.


The only thing that counts is the main event tomorrow. I dont have wifi, but I will try and tweet important updates over @swisstard whenever possible. So if you dont follow @swisstard already, now might be a good time icon smile EPT Deauville   Day 0   EPT Diary

I also decided to try and blog every day at this EPT. It will basically be my diary. I will stop the turbo tournament strategy during the EPT. I hope you enjoy reading my EPT diary and goodbye till tomorrow.

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