EPT Deauville – Day 1B Main Event

EPT logo1 e1328048601262 EPT Deauville – Day 1B Main EventOh boy oh boy, what a day. I lost a massive post early on when I somehow didnt see the backdoor flush! WTF. This has happend to me in cash games before, and I feel rather silly for not seeing that. I guess the origin of that is that I in general use 4 color decks online wherever possible. I mean seriously, dont blue diamonds just look way cooler?!

So I am down quite a bit and than get in KK vs AA against a German buddy of mine I see at lots of events (sorry man, dont remember your name). I dont know, one could argue that it is kind of light to stack off with KK for over 100BB in a field as soft as this, but as long as I have a bluff range in a spot, there is no way I am not just stacking off with KK. Anyway, I hit my King-ball and am on healthy stack again.

After that I battle quite a bit with a french kid on my left – yeah never a good idea to battle with somebody on your left. I did stop doing that and nitted up quite a bit – not like I was playing lag in the first place. Result was that I got myself into lots of favorable spots.

One hand I flatted a guys mp open with AsJs in Co. Both blinds call. Board comes down KKT. It gets checked to me and I bet. MP calls, turn 9 goes check check. River is a Q. French opponent leads out about 60% of pot. I study him for quite a bit and decide he is not thrilled about his hand, so I value shove. Bink, he tank calls with J9. To be honest, if I didnt think my opponent was a recreational player, there is no way I shove there.

There was another big hand I played vs my Costa Ricen buddy. He was fairly limp happy. He limped utg and one other guy overlimped. I isoed on button with AKss. Board comes out AdAc3h. I bet and my Cost Ricen buddy calls everybody else folds. Turn is a Qh. He checks, I check back. He only had like a little over pot bet left. River is the 7h. He bets like 70% of his stack and I shove. He calls with A6hh for a flush. MBN icon smile EPT Deauville – Day 1B Main Event

After that I basically cruised to my final 59k without many showdowns – the way it should be. Day 2, here I come!

Let me know if you like this way of hand history telling. I could include exact stacks and bet sizes, but in my opinion it just makes it really messy to read. So let me know if you like this style in comments please.

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4 Responses to “EPT Deauville – Day 1B Main Event”

  1. Schmidi February 2, 2012 at 10:25 am # Reply

    Nice blog :)

    • swisstard February 2, 2012 at 2:44 pm # Reply

      Ty sir! I hope you also find some useful information and tips on my site! Gl at the tables.

  2. bigfr0g February 7, 2012 at 10:02 am # Reply

    i like your blog-writing!

    sometimes it would be kind to know in which blindlevel it was.

    are you also a minraiser or is it better to raise 2.5 in a soft-field?

    • swisstard February 7, 2012 at 4:12 pm # Reply

      I dont think it really matters what blind level I am at. All that matters is how many big blinds I am playing. You can find more info in my post http://swisstard.com/stack-size-in-big-blinds/.
      Regarding raise size: This also depends on the amounts of big blinds I am playing. The more BB I have the bigger I raise in general. Also the weaker the field the more I raise. Weak fields tend to call too much.

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