EPT Deauville – Day 2 Main Event – Busto

EPT logo1 e1328048601262 EPT Deauville – Day 2 Main Event   BustoIt is pretty funny to bust out of a 5k ME. My first thought is always: God do I hate this game. It is especially bad if I played bad. To be honest I much rather bust by getting a suck out than by playing bad. Suck out means you will win eventually, playing bad means you probably never win icon smile EPT Deauville – Day 2 Main Event   Busto

Anyway, this hatred for poker stays for about 20min. I go to my hotel and realize soon, poker has enabled me to travel all those countries to live a rather worry free live till now. I should be thankful. This is about the moment when the smile come back to my face and I am ready to keep playing – the show must go on.

Alright lets talk some hands and try and learn form it. I got over 60k rather quickly until I got 88 in the BB. CO old guy opens and I defend. Flop is T77. He basically pots flop. I am not thrilled with my hand, but I have seen some old guys play AK like that. I call. Turn is a 9. Now I have loads of equity. He bets 12k. I think he doesnt bluff this card that often. After all I so often have pair and draw here. But I am unsure of how he would play hands like KQ or AJ. I call. River is a T. So board is T77 9 T. I really should have led this river. I can almost get his entire range to fold. I didnt. It goes check check and he turns over JJ.

After that I get moved to a very interesting table. There was a big stack that really new how to apply pressure. It was really strange because he was constantly playing back at me but was letting his buddy open 4 pots in row and shit. The one time I did play back at his buddy, he cold 4bet me. After that, they played back at me together. The rest of the table was basically not playing and it was me vs those two. I am not sure how “legal” all of that was, but this agreement between the two is definitely very favorable for both of them.

My last hand I opened A3o in HJ with rather small stack (I had below 20bb). Somehow I thought I get away with it this time. I got called in CO by new guy that just sat down and BB. Yeah, I was sort of frustrated and definitely wasnt a good open. Flop is A97ccx. All money goes in and I lose vs AJ. More luck next time.

The moral of the story is that I was trying to fight aggression with more aggression. My image wasnt right and I didnt get hands. It is all about patience and timing.

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