EPT Deauville – French Poker Series – Funny hands

EPT logo1 e1328048601262 EPT Deauville   French Poker Series   Funny handsI had my last shot to glory (and some money) in the 1k French Poker Series (FPS). The field was filled with recreational players and there were a lot of really interesting hands.

I did manage to build a stack early on but than went card dead for quite some time. With like 80 players left I got moved to the worst possible table in that tournament. Was kind of an ironic table, everybody that had the skills to win this tournament was sitting at that table.

Anyway, I lost 99<AQ to get out of the tournament with about 50 left (40 paid), another deep run, I guess next time.
But lets get to the “interesting part”. I saw two hands, that were beyond anything I have seen so far.

Hand 1

Young french kid opens CO. Older gentleman 3bets BU. Both have around 70bb at that point. French kid calls. Board: A33. CO checks, BU bets 70% pot. CO calls. Turn Q goes check check. River A. So board is now A33 Q A. Young guy bets 60% pot, old guy minraises after some tanking leaving himself only a little left behind. Young guy insta jams. Old guy now gets about 10 to 1 on his call and is deep in the tank. He eventually folds. Young french kid smashes 68o on the table! No draw or anything on flop – but guess a lot of balls!

Hand 2

This hand is the funniest I have seen in my poker carreer. It gets folded to the small blind. Small blind is a young online french player. Big blind is a german online player. French player limps. German guy has 14BB and shoves all in. Snap call from the French player. The German player is absolutely disgusted he rolls his eyes and is pretty upset with himself. He turns over K3o for the obvious resteal. French player proudly turns over 43s and says: “Your face was priceless. I just wanted to see the look on your face!” icon smile EPT Deauville   French Poker Series   Funny hands

I told this hand to my buddy Koen De Visser and he claims he had a funnier hand, so let me retell his story:

Hand 3

Exact same spot and blind sizes (coincident?). Small blind limps, big blind shoves 14BB. He puts out a huge tower of chips. Small blind upset with the shove smashes the tower of chips of his opponent all over the table. He smacks it so hard that some of the chips even fall of the table. Big blind now pissed, turns to his opponent and smacks down a tower of his opponents stack. At this point the big blind is furious and says: “You know what, FUCK YOU! I call.” He than turns over 94o. icon smile EPT Deauville   French Poker Series   Funny hands

What hand do you think is funnier? Do you have a funny poker hand, I would love to hear it. Please leave it in the comments.

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