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logo 300x132 My own news site? Oh yeah!   PokerFaceNews.comThere is so much I would like to talk about and only so many words I can type. So lets cut right to the most interesting part: I got myself a poker news site – for real! Our site is called PokerFaceNews and is directed to deliver exclusive news from the top poker professionals. Wait what? Another poker news site, aren’t there already enough out there? There are definitely a lot of poker news site out there (possibly to many), but we want to make things a bit more different.
First and foremost, we want to bring news from people – from the top pros. We are in the fortunate position to have those connections through my other company called PokerFacePR. Our PR company is literally at the source of all the good news and interesting stories so it was only a question of time to follow through with a news site.
A second goal of ours is trying to be as unbiased as possible. This will probably be a lot harder than we would like it to. However, we will give our best to accomplish this!
Our third goal is to cater our news to 18-35 year olds. Yes this is very likely you reading my blog icon smile My own news site? Oh yeah! Our goal is to create a lot of easy to read, funny and entertaining content (and sometimes even sexy things…).
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PFN FB Post News5 403x403 300x300 My own news site? Oh yeah!   PokerFaceNews.comMy own poker life has not been very exciting. I am having the impression the less I play the better I get. Though the more I think about it the more I think it is an illusion. I mean, have you ever heard a poker player say he got worse over the years? Everybody is always on a “different level”.
I am on a new level – at least when it comes to happiness and fulfillment. Quite honestly, at this point a lot of my effort goes into PokerFacePR and PokerFaceNews while almost getting no salary (almost no means actually no in this case…). But I am getting everything in return. I just love the things I am doing. And all the opportunities and connections that we are creating are just insane. I do think that a few years maybe even only a few months down the road I should be easily able to beat my hourly in poker – at least so the plan.
Def go and check out our PokerFaceNews Facebook page at:
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Speak soon.

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