A great Online Poker Coach – Online Poker Coaching from a poker pro

Michael is a good guy, friend, poker player, as well as a coach. It is refreshing to work with someone that can clearly articulate poker concepts, and he seems to have a good grasp on knowing where his students stand and introducing advanced plays when he knows you are comfortable. It really is good to learn from such a professional player, and I still benefit from the lessons he taught me years ago in my own poker career.

Bryan Oliver

I have been getting a lot of requests lately for poker tournament coaching. If you are considering getting me as your online poker coach then please prepare in advance exactly what it is that you want to learn from me! This way you’ll get the most out of our poker lessons.

Individual tournament coaching plan

Before we start our poker coaching, we will have a 15 min talk over Skype or phone where we get to know each other and talk about your poker lessons. I consider it important that we have a good connection between poker student and poker coach.

Should we decide to proceed with poker lessons, I will work out an individual poker lesson plan tailored to your needs that will serve to be the topic of our first few lessons. Please keep in mind that this plan will change based on the progress you make and your needs. After 15 minutes I should be able to form a vague idea of your level of ability and playing style.

Talking to Michael about poker has been very insightful, he gave me amazing advice about online and live in the short time I talked to him. Joining a coaching session with him, he explained everything in a way anyone could understand as well, even very complicated moves.

Jonathan Davis


It is imperative to me that all poker students understand what it is they want to improve about their game. Effective poker lessons starts with this. I ask that upon application, people are prepared to answer this question before commencing.

Here is an example of a bad answer: I want to learn online poker. Can I hire you as online poker coach?

A good answer is:

I have trouble with my late stage game at around 30BB in mid stakes poker tournaments.


I would like to learn how to figure out correct push fold ranges for various stack sizes. What tools do I use? How do I adjust those for my opponent ranges?

Be precise, articulate your thoughts – have a plan in short.

Obwohl ich nur ein sehr kleines Coaching von Micheal hatte, brachte es mich weiter.

Stephan Bamert

Training site

One of my special requests is that I want ALL of my students to be a member of a poker training site. I want you to use all sources available to improve as quickly as possible. I recommend:

I have high end prices for my quality online poker coaching. Before we start, I want to make sure we don’t waste your money on something you could have learned for cheaper!

Swisstard have learned me a lot of really important things in poker. Analyses hands like really few can do and find your leaks quickly. His way of teaching is unike as he is able to focus a lot in your leaks while still making you improve fast where you are good.

Assad Kamran


For every one hour poker lesson I charge $150. Included are 15 min preparation time from my side per one hour lesson. Any additional preparation time is charged at $100/h. Depending on the poker topic we discuss, I might have to prepare. Please take that into account before you request lessons.

You can chose any poker topic you want, just keep in mind, my best game is without a question online tournament poker. Group poker coaching rate is $50/h extra.


  • English (preferred)
  • German
  • Spanish


All poker lessons will be over Skype. Please make sure you have a headset or a working microphone.


Contact me over my contact form to schedule the introductory session or for any further questions. Please include your online nick name(s).

I am looking forward to meeting you and working together on improving your poker skills!

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