poker software magic SoftwareOne of the questions I get asked a lot is what software I use to assist me in playing online poker. Let me take the rabbit out of the hat and present you all the programs I use with a short introduction. All of the tools are either free or have a trail version. Make sure you check em out.

Must have poker software

Holdem Manager

affiliate HM Logo SoftwareI consider Holdem Manager (HM) the most important tool while playing. It is highly configurable and shows you a plethora of statistics. The key to using Holdem Manager is to not take the statistics as unchangeable facts. but rather as a momentary snap shot of your players behavior and tendencies. The information you want to get out of Holdem Manager is an estimate for your opponents player type. From that player type your experience will than allow you to make educated guesses as to what your opponents range could be in a certain spot. All of this takes practice, but the rewards of mastering this powerful tools are sheer endless! Go over to Holdem Manager and use your 30 day free trail.

SitNGo Wizard

sitngo wizard refl SoftwareSitNGo Wizard single best tool out there to learn ICM and get a feeling for what ICM decision are like. If you play Sit and Goes this tool is a must for you. It will teach you valuable lessons about push fold ranges. There is a 30 day free trail, what are you waiting for, I promise the worst that will happen is that it improves your poker game! Go over to SitNGo Wizard and try it out.

Free poker software


kpoker SoftwareFoldy is a tool I developed personally for my own use. Foldy is a very simple program that allows you to set one hotkey to fold across all major sites. I could not imagine playing without it anymore. You can find it at Foldy.


pokerstove SoftwarePokerStove is a multi way range equity calculator. It helps you calculating your equity vs all number of opponents and all their holdings. It is a great tool on the path to getting away from putting people on single hands. You must put people on ranges to become a successful poker player. PokerStove is a great first step in learning equities.

Free poker tools


PPCloser is a life saver. He closes the annoying party poker inactivity warning. If you play on party poker while playing on other sites, you know what I am talking about. Simple to use, does the job.


PSFRDate assists you with the birth date verification on It stores and enteres your birth date when the birth date verification window pops up. I find it very useful, save a little bit of typing.

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