Reborn With Tantra

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Tangerine Tantra 150x150 Reborn With TantraWow, I feel revitalized, energized and fundamentally happy. I feel reborn! My last week was absolutely mind blowing. I spent the entire last week in a Trantra seminar in Italy. Before your thoughts go all over the place, let me say a few words about Tantra. The word Tantra is very often used in the wrong context and associated with all sorts of things. Let me give you in my own words what Tantra means to me:

Tantra means being in the moment, connected to yourself. This allows you to connect to yourself and others on deeper levels emotionally, energetically and physically.

If you are still reading, I guess you actually do care about my Tantra experience, so let me go a few steps back and explain how I ended in a Tantra seminar. I would like to speak out a little warning: The following content is very private possibly even a tiny bit offensive to some of you.

It all started last year, I realized that I was really getting sick of watching porn. I have watched porn for over 10 years and I started to notice how it had influenced my relationships and my daily life. I decided to stop watching porn. To my surprise it was virtually impossible. I tried several methods from reporting my habits to other people over online programs to daily journaling. Nothing helped. I was very frustrated and running out of methods. I decided to consult a sex therapist to deal with my porn addiction. This was a big step for me, after all it is pretty hard to admit you need help.

My first and only session with my sex therapist can be summarized as follows: She told me that she would like me to come back since it makes her money but I was such a head/brain person there was no point in doing talk therapy. I needed to work on an emotional level. This is when she suggested I try out a Tantra Seminar.

I still remember when she suggested a Tantra Seminar. I had “WTF!” written all over my face. It didn’t get any better when my therapist tried to explain what Tantra means (think about your reaction before…). Yeah, trying to explain to a rational person how to solve problems on an emotional and energetical level is just not that good an idea…

BUT, I was there to get help and try other methods that I havent tried. I couldn’t quite imagine how it would work, but I was open to try anything. That’s how I ended up for an entire week in Italy for a Tantra seminar.

I am so happy I did have the courage and openness to try this. What a gift! I went to the Tantra seminar to cure my porn addiction and came back with a very strong connection to myself which not only will get rid of my porn problem but gave me a totally new perspective on life, on myself and the way I interact with and see other humans. I had several eye opening moments where I learned so many things I wished I knew earlier in my life. I could have saved myself so much pain and misery had I only known these things about me. There is no point in trying to look back into the past and wishing things different. I am here right now, accepting my past, living in the moment, open, very happy and looking forward to a bright future! I am utterly thankful for this beautiful experience!

I would like to encourage you if you have any questions regarding Tantra or how I dealt with my porn addiction, please ask. If its too private to ask in a comment below, please ask over the contact form for my email address to have a confidential email exchange. It would be a pleasure to help out!


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