Redesign and rebranding

redesign rebranding Redesign and rebrandingI am proud to announce the launch of my rebranded site From now on forward I will have all topics connected to poker on You can find my old site and old blogs on Any topic related to programming and business will be on on I will be changing into a profile page with cv.

My twitter accounts will continue as is. @MichaelSchurpf is my official poker account, @Schurpf for anything related to programming and business and @Swisstard for more informal poker talk and other personal thingstrans Redesign and rebranding.

I also moved all my poker software to If you are looking for Foldy, PPCloser or PSFRDate, head over to

Phew, glad all this administrative stuff is out of the way, back to poker, lots has been going on, and I have several blog entries I didnt post because I wanted to wait for my new site to be up – it took a little longer than I expected. In any case, I will be posting those blogs the next couple of days.

Furthermore, I have decided to write some strategy on my blog, I am not quite sure of the format and topics, ideally it all flows together and at the end I can make one pdf to give out as an ebook! This will obviously be free, so make sure you check out my site on a regular basis or even better, sign up blow to my RSS feed. I dont want to offend anybody, but who actually knows what an RSS feed is? I actually only discovered a few weeks ago what it actually is. Check out this great article to learn how to use rss and google reader to follow your favorite blogs (mine better be one of them… :p) without having to visit them all the time.

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