Turbo Tournament Strategy – Stack Size and Nash Range

graph3 small Turbo Tournament Strategy   Stack Size and Nash RangeTrubo tournaments are a completely different game when it comes to tournament poker. The key difference is that you virtually have no time to wait for a “better spot”. There are many situations in normal tournaments that are a fold, simply because you can wait for a better one. This does rarely hold for turbo tournaments. There is one major distinction in turbo tournaments: First in. Being the first player all in is mostly more important than your actual hand. You can find more info in my article Decision Making Process.

Let me give you a break down of how I play turbo tournaments in general broken down by comparing Stack Size and Nash Range.


I pick my spot very carefully, you lose any fold equity for the most part. I shove tighter than the Nash range! And yet I try not to call of my stack because you can add almost 50% of your stack if everybody folds.


For the most part I stick very close to Nash ranges, I might even shove a little more than the Nash range, simply because people fold to much with 5-10BB.


I play considerably tighter than the Nash range, you have in general lots of shorties at the table, shoving any two cards (ATC) into a shortstack is usually a better way to accumulate chips than taking marginal spots vs bigger stacks.


I have an open fold range. You can rep a very strong range by opening. This is obviously provided your opponents are a) smart enough to know that, b) respect you as a player and c) your image is right. Be aware of spots where you do have an opening range and a shoving range. Make sure those ranges are not capped!

Quick Tip

You might not be at the stage where you know all your Nash ranges yet. In that case just assume your range is the Nash range and use the adjustments above.

I hope this article was helpful in comparing Stack Size and Nash Range and hope you make better decisions! Let me know if you have any questions below.

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