Turbo Tournament Strategy – BB vs M – It is all about stack size in big blinds

Poker Chip 18 small 150x150 Turbo Tournament Strategy   BB vs M   It is all about stack size in big blindsThis strategy article deals with the most fundamental and basic concept. You have to look at your stack size in big blinds. It doesn’t matter whether you have 500 chips or 2 Million chips, your decision has to be based on the ratio of your stack size in big blinds.

BB – How many big blinds is your stack

I will from now on forward never mention actual chip stacks, I will always talk about BB. I will refer to BB as:

Your stack in BB = Your stack in chips / Current Big Blind

Your Stack: 18 000, Big Blind 2 000
=> BB = Stack / Big Blind = 18 000 / 2 000 = 9

Result: You have 9 BB.

This concept is very important and if you don’t already use it, it is a good time to start.

Stack in BB vs Position BB

It can be a little confusing at first, a lot of people refer to the position big blind as BB. It should be clear out of the context what somebody is referring to.

M – How many rounds can you fold

There is a second view on stack size out there that is also good. It is referred to as M. The difference is that you look at the ratio of your stack and all the blinds and antes. Your M basically tells you how many rounds you can fold until you blind out.

Your stack in M = Your stack in chips / (Small Blind + Big Blind + All Antes)

Your are sitting at a 10 handed table.
Your Stack: 18 000, Big Blind 2 000, Small Blind 1 000, Ante 100
=> M =  Stack / (Big Blind + Small Blind + Nbr Players * Ante)
= 18 000 / (2 000 + 1 000 + (10 * 100)) = 18 000 / 4 000 = 4.5

Result: You have an M of 4.5.

BB vs M

I personally prefer to look at my stack size in BB, simply because it is much simpler to calculate.

CSI vs M

The book Kill Everyone uses the measure CSI (chip status index). This is exactly the same as M.

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