Turbo Tournament Strategy – Learn to crush Turbo Tournaments – Intro

img 0361 1 150x118 Turbo Tournament Strategy   Learn to crush Turbo Tournaments   IntroI decided to write several strategy articles about turbo tournaments. There seem to be a lot of people playing turbo tournaments. I am also getting the feeling that turbo tournaments are the future of online tournaments, I mean which recreational player has 5 hours to play his favorite online poker tournament? Isnt it much more fun to jump into a turbo tournament and “gamble” for 2 hours?

I will be structuring and tagging all turbo tournament strategy articles from three perspectives:

Tournament progress

  • Early game
  • Mid game
  • Money bubble
  • Late game
  • Final table bubble
  • Final table

Stack size

  • 0-5BB
  • 5-10BB
  • 10-15BB
  • 15+BB

Topic levl

  • Turbo basic
  • Turbo advanced
  • Turbo pro

If you are interested in a specific topic, use my search with the exact term like in my list above. I will try to tag all my turbo tournament strategy blogs accordingly. The next articles are currently in writing. I wish you good luck at your next turbo tournament! Comments and questions are appreciated.

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