Turbo Tournament Strategy – Mid Game – General Strategy

Poker Chips 442 Turbo Tournament Strategy   Mid Game   General StrategyThe Mid Game is characterized by a rather short average stack while still being very far away from the money. This is important because we will mostly use Nash Ranges if we have to shove.

Mid Game – Nash Ranges

I suggest you check out my articles on Nash Ranges and construct your own Nash Ranges to openshove. For the most part I would just shove any stack size < 12BB.

Mid Game – Opening vs Shoving

There are spots where you want to open a strong hand like AA to induce. In order to do so, you either need very aggressive opponents, or you have to be able to bluff raise in that spot, meaning you need to open some hands that you will fold should you get shoved on.

Note that you only have to balance when your opponents are observant. There are situation where I will play totally exploitable, which means if I open:

  • I either only have hands I call
  • I never have hands I call

But for the most part it is a good habit to balance because you never fully know how observant your opponents are.

Mid Game – Having an opening range and a shoving range

A word of warning, if you have two ranges in a spot (example is 14BB on BU), you really need to make sure that you don’t cap either range by too much. If your opponents are not observant, or don’t know too much about poker, definitely play exploitive. But once you move up and play against better competition, you really need to balance your ranges and avoid capping your range.

Mid Game – Opening and calling vs shorties

This is a very important concept. Say you have a medium sizes stack and there are a few shorties and a few big stacks. There are hands you want to open with the intention of calling vs shorties and folding vs big stacks. This is a common spot. You have a mediocre hand but you don’t really want to shove, but yet folding seems weak too. If your image is clean, meaning

  • you havent been opening too much
  • your bigstack opponents are not reshoving too much,

I suggest you open with the intention of folding vs the bigstacks and calling short stacks.


SB/BB: 100/200, 20
Hero: 3000, BU: 5000, SB: 1200, BB: 3500
Hero is dealt: K9o
Hero raises to 400.

Mid Game – 3betting

This is something I see from several players. People 3bet hands that are close to the nuts and shove the rest. While 3betting hands might induce at times, very often it scares people away. Just think about the following: How does my hand look weaker? If I shove or if I 3 bet?

I personally like to just shove with all my hands in order to balance. If you wanted to play exploitive, think about the following:

  • 3bet call your mediocre hands
  • and shove your value hands!


  • Openshove using Nash Ranges with 12BB or smaller
  • Don’t cap ranges!
  • Balance your opening and shoving range
  • Balance your 3bet range

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