Turbo Tournament Strategy – Push Range from a Nash Range

push range from nash range small Turbo Tournament Strategy   Push Range from a Nash RangeI have introduced the concept of Nash Ranges in my article Turbo Tournament Strategy – Creating your Pure Nash Ranges to show you how you can obtain Nash Ranges. The next step is to show you how to create your Push Range from a Nash Range to maximize profit. The main adjustments will come from your opponent types and their ranges.

Lets talk through various factors that could move your Nash Range one way or the other:

Tight Opponents

The main adjustment vs thight opponents would be that I might even shove a little more than my Nash Range. For the most part only though if I only have to push through one or two opponents. I would never shove more than the Nash Range into more than 2 opponents.

Lose Opponents

If somebody calls too much, I would shove considerably tighter than the Nash Range, its hard to put a number to it but for almost any case I will shove the top 50% of the Nash Range far of the money. As soon as ICM kicks in it virually gets impossible to give estimates, because your decisions have to be based on the stack sizes left, opponent types and payout structure.

Many Opponents

For the most part I play tighter than the Nash Range as soon as I have to shove through several opponents. A lot of those shoves will be slightly +EV, but you will find a better spot in the next few hands.

Big Stack

If you do have a big stack, do not shove according to your stack size. Think about your stack as the average stack size at the table and shove that range. If anything shove more than you actually would with that stack size. Read more about this topic in Turbo Tournament Strategy – Effective stacks – Playing the big stack.

Short Stack

Do NOT shove according to the Nash Range with a very short stack. The Nash Range will tell you to almost shove any two once you are short. This is a very bad idea. While it will be +EV because of all dead money, you very often can wait for a better spot that is even more +EV.
Assume you just lost a big all in and are left with 2.5BB. You are UTG and get dealt 63o. What is the best move?
Answer: Fold and call any two cards in big blind.

I hope this article was able to give you a good idea of how to create your Push Range from a Nash Range. Please leave comments or questions below.

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