Turbo Tournament Strategy – Tournament stages

Poker Chips 59 1 Turbo Tournament Strategy   Tournament stagesThis is a very basic article and will show how I separate tournament stages. There are essentially 3 tournament stages in turbo tournaments:

  • Average stack > 20 BB = Early game
  • Far from money and average stack <20 = Mid game
  • Close to or in money = Late game

Early Game

The biggest characteristic of the early game is that you can still play postflop to some extent. You are opening your hands instead of just shoving.

Mid Game

This stage of the tournament is characertized by being still relatively far away from the money. The average stack is rather shallow. This means you are mostly just openshoving, occasionally raising. The knowledge of Nash Ranges is important in this stage.

Late Game

We are either close to the money or already in the money. We use ICM for all our decision making to incorporate pay jumps into our decision making.


We group tournaments into 3 tournament stages:

  • Early game (Average stack > 20 BB)
  • Mid game (Far from money and average stack <20 )
  • Late game (Close to or in money )

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