Sunday victories – Winning 50 fo and chopping 40 turbo

Trophy Gold Sunday victories   Winning 50 fo and chopping 40 turboI kind of felt like playing some poker yesterday and started playing over 3 hours earlier than usual. I got deep in a lot of the early tournaments one of them was a 50 fo on
There was one big call I made on the way to this ft. Around ft bubble an aggro player shipped 19bb effective into me and a 12bb stack. I made the call with A6o mostly because he capped his range. Capped ranges are a fundamental concept and allow you to make really +EV calls with marginal hands. I will write a strategy article at some point about it.
I made one of the most ridiculous laydowns I have ever made. Single raise of 15bb stack and I fold TT in the big blind. Pssst don’t tell anybody! Crazy world, calling of with A6o and than folding TT…
Two main reasons led to this huge fold

  1. The guy was so ridiculously tight. He played something like 10 out of 90 hands, limping half of them
  2. The table was really soft. I knew I could just grind people down with not much risk.

and that’s what I did. I grinded till 3 handed, than got into some flips and won. As simple as that.

I also chopped a 40 turbo last night. I have no idea why, but a lot of people offer me 50/50 chops while holding more chips. Hard to refuse that. The whole way to the final table is actually not that interesting, won some flips, didn’t get called on my steal shoves. At the final table one guy virtually donated me the win. He called my shove with QJ vs my AJ and than he reshoved 55 into my 77. I say donated because the guy reshoved something like 25BB effective. Again his range is absolutely capped at this point and I was fist pump calling this knowing against his capped range I am way ahead!

I have been playing more turbos and hypers in 2011 with lots of success. The fields are smaller and a lot weaker plus there is this shift in ranges most people don’t know about. Hands that are a shove in a turbo tournament might be a fold in regular tournament. To find out more about turbo tournament strategy, I am currently working on a series of turbo tournament strategy articles, check em out!

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